Dog behaviourFireworks, Are you prepared?

Are you and your pets prepared for fireworks night and the fast approaching festive season?

Things are very different this year because of Coronavirus, all the large local organised fireworks displays have been cancelled, but this is likely to mean we see an increased number of smaller ad-hoc back garden displays. With the peak around November the 5th, but often starting earlier and going on for some time afterwards.

Many pets struggle at this time of year with noise sensitivities and owners can find this annual event stressful too. It seems we have more celebrations than most here in Hastings!

But there is good news! If you can anticipate the event or know your pet dislikes the fireweorks then there are strategies that us pet owners can use to make it go without a bang! Sadly, there are always occasions that we can’t predict, so having a few techniques up your sleeve to alleviate any stresses for your cat or dog during this period will be helpful.

Firstly, we must remember that our canine and feline companions have incredibly good senses, this includes sound, sight and smell. Fireworks will engage all these senses, as they do for us. We however have the mindset to understand that these events are generally short-lived and not harmful to us. Our pets do not. Be gentle and reassuring, don’t leave your dog at home alone.

Does your dog react to fireworks every year? The unpredictability of fireworks means that unless work is done with your pet prior to the event, they won’t be able to employ a useful coping strategy. You can work on desensitising your dog throughout the year, not just in a concentrated effort right before the event. I would recommend you speak to your local dog behaviourist to develop a tailored training program for this. There are also dog desensitisation playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. Start off at a very low volume and gradually build up over time.

Calm Pet Volume 1

Here are my TOP 3 TIPS:

  1. The first being that you do continued and on-going positive sound sensitivity work with your dog.
  2. Then there are strategies you can implement on the night which I’ve added below and…
  3. Thirdly you can utilise the beneficial affects good quality, tried and tested calming products. Some you can get from your vet, such as Zylkene or YuCalm for dogs. I personally love Pet Remedy, a natural remedy that is suitable for many species including dogs, cats, horses and rabbits too.

For more information about Pet Remedy or to order a Plug-In Diffuser Kit, Refill or Spray then please get in touch to place your order for FREE delivery in time for fireworks night:

Be Prepared. On the night keep your windows and curtains closed, turn the volume up on your TV or radio to reduce the impact of the bangs and provide a safe place or nest for your pet, with blankets and toys and treats. A crate-trained dog may find the confines of a well-prepared hiding place very reassuring. Create a den for your cat using a cardboard box and some blankets and put it near their favourite hiding place or in a wardrobe. Leave a few lights and lamps on to minimise the effects of the flashing fireworks.

Finally, use this as an opportunity for play time with your dog or cat, make a fun game that involves their favourite treats and distract them from what is happening outside. This will help to create a more positive association for them and it will also build bonds and trust between them and you.

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