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Just imagine….

A District Vet Nurse that visits pets and their people at home supporting them with treatment, rehabilitation and care just as our NHS counterparts do….

Human District Nurses are specially trained compassionate professionals who spend their day assisting others with routine and complex treatments in the comfort and safety of the home or nursing home environment. They work closely with medical professionals such as the GP, health visitors and social services to provide a unique care plan of treatment for patients in the local community.

3 years ago, a pioneering Registered Vet Nurse, Carla Finzel started her journey, passionately campaigning to make this emerging Vet Nursing role a reality. The campaign is building pace and is finally attracting the attention of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons among others.

Ms Finzel said: “If a toddler was diagnosed with epilepsy, diabetes or cardiorespiratory disease, for example, and required convalescence at home, a community nurse and occupational therapist would automatically be allocated to visit them and help their parents adjust to the new routine with the help of a nursing plan until they recover or settle. So why not have a similar system for animals with ‘district veterinary nurses?’

As a pet owner, it is likely that at some point you will have visited the vet and gone home with an armful of medication and treatment instructions and been overwhelmed or bewildered? Compliance is critical for a speedy recovery, but if medication is not administered correctly this can impede on the progress of your pet’s recovery. Ms Finzel works in her community, by referral from local Veterinary Surgeons to support owners and ensuring their pets receive gold standard care, facilitating a supportive and happy period of convalescence. Or dignified end-of-life hospice care.

For pets that struggle in a veterinary hospital environment, or those that could be discharged earlier. For owners that may otherwise find it difficult to visit their vet practice, or struggle with complex treatment instructions, or simply can’t tablet their pets. District Veterinary Nursing proposes to create the missing link.

Carla Finzel RVN is an inspiration, she works tirelessly as a District Vet Nurse and building the pace of the District Veterinary Nursing Campaign, developing a role that will become an accessible and affordable outreach veterinary care support service-to improve patient and human wellbeing-at home.

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