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Cat Dematt and Grooming

Brushing, grooming and clipping for your feline in the home. Long haired and older cats may struggle to adequately groom and this can make them uncomfortable.

Pet Taxi

Fully insured to transport your pet. Only suitable for small & medium dogs and cats.

Puppy Visits & Support

New puppy? I can help with toilet training, playbiting and teeth cleaning. While you’re at work I can come and play with your new puppy and offer a toilet break and a snack.

Cat Sitting

Holiday? Working away from home? Weekend break? I will come and attend to your pussy cats needs. Feeding, play, clean litter tray & any medications. I can also pick up your mail and water the plants.

Flea and Worm Check

Let’s discuss your pets flea or worming treatment. I can answer any questions you may have and can recommend the best products to use. I can advise on how best to tackle and avoid any infestation.

Ear Cleaning

For routine ear cleans, without the stress of going to the vets.

Nail Clips

Regular paw maintenance that takes the stress away for pets and owners!

Anal Glands

Routine anal gland expressing by a qualified Nurse in your home.


I am available to chaperone on home-visits, when practice is busy and you need to take an experienced Nurse. I can also provide palliative/hospice care in your clients home, by referral.