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Top 10 Tips for Arthritic Pets this Wintertime

Help Your Arthritic Dogs to Stay Comfortable in the Colder Weather If your dog has arthritis, their discomfort may increase over the colder months. This makes Winter is a good time to be extra aware of the symptoms of arthritis in your pets. To find out more about Arthritis, including the symptoms and our 10 Top Tips to help your arthritic pets,…

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Diabetic Pet Dilemma

Receiving a diagnosis of Diabetes  for your pet can often be just the start of a long and sometimes drawn-out, stressful process of working in partnership with your veterinarian to find stability with the condition. Diabetes is incurable, even in cats that can often go into remission with an early diagnosis and good management, Diabetes will now be with…

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Dementia Friends and District Vet Nursing

On Sunday I was lucky enough to meet up with my fellow RVN’s Carla Finzel and Zoe Blake to have some food, share some wine and talk about our favourite topic; Veterinary Nursing! As is always the case, we chew the fat about the profession and industry on a whole and get to chat about our own work. The…

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Happy Dog

Today I stumbled upon an interesting post on social media and it has moved me to write this blog post which I’ve been planning to write for a while now! It said, thinking of your dog as behaving badly disposes you to think of punishment. Thinking of your dog as struggling to handle something difficult, encourages you to help…

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District Nursing. For Your Pets?

Just imagine…. A District Vet Nurse that visits pets and their people at home supporting them with treatment, rehabilitation and care just as our NHS counterparts do…. Human District Nurses are specially trained compassionate professionals who spend their day assisting others with routine and complex treatments in the comfort and safety of the home or nursing home environment. They…

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Travelling With Your Pet

If you are planning a trip to Europe this summer, will you also be travelling with your dog? The PETS Travel Scheme was introduced in February 2000 and is governed by DEFRA. If you fail to follow the rules then you may be fined or your dog may be quarantined, so it’s really important that you do your research…

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